Will Ellis and Chris Prestel spent their last two months of medical school in service at Kibuye
Hope Hospital in Burundi. During April and May they used their skills as “almost doctors” to
care for patients at this mission hospital and share their knowledge with medical students from
Hope Africa University. Both have now graduated from Wayne State University Medical School
so Dr. Ellis is off to Albuquerque, New Mexico for an Emergency Medicine residency and Dr.
Prestel to Charleston, South Carolina for Pediatrics training. While at Kibuye, Will and Chris
shared in writing a journal. The following posts are excerpts from their experiences.

Chris teaching a med student

Will in surgery with Dr. Jacobs

1: Will
2: Chris
3: Will
4: Chris
5: Will
6: Chris & Will

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  1. 3-26-2013

    What a neat thing to get to “see” Kibuye Hope Hospital through these blog posts! Our family is learning French now, praying about whether God wants to use us there full-time or perhaps just periodically. Thank you for writing about your experience there!

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