This morning (February 27) we dedicated the Van Norman Clinic.  Several hundred students along with school faculty and officials attended the event.  It is beautiful.  The floors are all tiled.  The lower level of the back section is pretty well finished but there still remains the top story.  Access to the top floor is via an  outdoor ramp which by fairly easy grades gives access to the top floor.  (I teased them that they have invented the ‘Burundi Elevator.’

The building has an amazing amount of space inside–good sized rooms, high ceilings to dispel the heat.  The workmanship is excellent, the lines straight and clean.  There is still finishing work before it will be operative.  (Stonemasons were working during the dedication.)  Much of the major equipment is in.

I preached from Ezekiel 47, “There is life where the river goes,” speaking of God’s blessing flowing across human history, taking kingdom form in the New Testament and bursting forth through the hands and hearts of Jesus’ faithful followers in witness, salvation and restoration in lives and families, and sometimes in redemptive institutions like universities and hospitals and clinics.

 In his dedicatory prayer Bishop Elie said something like this:  “Lord, you have given us this bulding; now we give it back to you dedication for its healing and teaching ministry for your kingdom.”

We wait now for an inspection by the Ministry of Public Health.

A major need is to fund the completion of the top floor of the back section and some other supporting facilities–laundry drying shed, olutdoor restroom facilities and a morgue.

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  1. 3-9-2012

    Thanks for this report. Inspiring! (And improvements on the Web format for distribution are also impressive.) Still busy at “following through.”

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