It is impossible, or at least very difficult, to survive long term in Africa without local support.  One of our team is our househelper, M, who cooks, does household work, loves to garden, shops for us for food getting good prices–and generally cares for the house while we are working long and constantly changing hours.  He has twelve children, all living.  You know, in a household lives intersect so we live with him through ups and downs.  A couple of months ago the mother of his children had serious surgery.  It was performed by a surgeon who also teaches at Hope Africa University and was aware of our special interest in the case.  She is now home and recovered although for a time she could not hoe.

Other members of our household are our security guards who watch over us 24-7.  M was a very close friend of one of our watchmen who was tragically killed on duty at our home.  The guard was a serious Christian and from our Free Methodist Church in Congo.

M was raised Catholic but something seems to be happening in his life.  After all these years, and twelve children, he recently has been confirmed as a Catholic Christian and, now, to our surprise, he announces happily that he and the mother of his children will be married on August 9! This is out of our tradition but we praise the Lord as M testifies of how God answered his  prayers and his gratitude for the healing of his companion.  We think the life of our guard who was killed, who read his Bible every morning, had an influence on M who mourned him for many days, standing and looking off into space.  We can only rejoice at all this and see it as God’s doing.  Today I told the surgeon of this story and he was both amazed and happy, insisting he must have an invitation to the wedding.

We are ‘kingdom’ people and believe we see that kingdom working in this life and family.  Unexpected?  Yes.  A bit out of our usual pattern?  Yes.  Should we be surprised?  No.  God does things like this–in His own way and time.



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