Nutritional Wellness




Burundi is arguably the hungriest country in the world.  Estimates of a couple of years ago say that 60-75% of the population suffers from serious malnutrition.  Lack of proper nourishmnet is itself a significant health issue and underlies many health problems.  One of the challenges facing medical providers was the failure of their patients to heal and improve following treatment due to lack of adequate and proper nutrition. 



Hope Africa University has developed several initatives to address the nutritional needs of the communities which it serves.          Donate



(at Kibuye Hope Hospital)  Parents of over 300 children who have been identified as significantly malnourished come from miles around the local area twice a week to receive specifically developed food to supplement their child's diet.  Busoma is a nutritious cereal developed by Dr. Frank Ogden.  (The primary ingredients are soya, sorghum and maize.)  In addition, the parents are taught about the importance of fruits, vegetables, and a balanced diet.  The majority of families report that their children have more energy and look healthier after beginning the program.  Clinic statistics show increases in the children's weight and other health indicators.  "Please continue to teach us how to feed our children effectively," said a mother of a Busoma clinic attendee.  With your help, we will do just that. 





(at Kibuye Hope Hospital)  Unlike the hospitals many of us are used to, in many of the hospitals in the developing world, family members are responsible to feed and care for the needs of hospitalized patients.  Understanding the challenges of the communities served by Kibuye Hope Hospital, a program was launched to provide warm and nourishing meals two times every day for inpatients and their caretakers.  This greatly eases the burden that is placed on caretakers and other family members, and there is hope to continue to develop this program to provide three meals a day.