The development of Hope Africa University and its various ministries has been greatly aided by the contributions of qualified volunteers who have gone to Burundi to work in their areas of expertise. There are opportunities to teach block courses in almost all the degree areas that the school offers as well as to provide medical service and teaching at the van Norman Clinic and Kibuye Hope Hospital. To do this well and be fair to both the volunteer and the school it is essential that visitors be appropriately qualified and that the school be fully prepared to use the services offered. The administration of Hope Africa University has asked Friends of HAU to screen, register and coordinate the visit of all volunteers from North American.

If you would like to investigate the opportunities for you to volunteer to serve at HAU please review the Mission, Philosophy, and Code of Conduct the university has established. If you believe these personal, professional and educational goals match yours and you want to explore the possibility of serving Hope Africa University please send your name and email address to and describe the kind of services you would like to provide.