We believe that God works mightily through the prayers of His people. Your prayers are always appreciated! Here are some specific prayer requests.

1. Pray for acceptance of our request to Engineering Minstries International (EMI) for a full engineering plan for Kibuye Hope Hospital and the campus. Our prayer request for acceptance of our application for PVO was answered!

2. Pray for continued health & safety of the missionaries who choose to serve with us.

3. We have been very blessed in this, but are always praying for the continued favor and support of Burundi government.

4. As several work project go on around campus, pray for their safety and efficiency.

5. Many of the students on campus are Christian, but there are many religious and ethnic backgrounds represented.  Please pray for continued guidance in welcoming all who come, and for the salvation of each student.

The new school year begins in February and almost 1,000 new students are expected to enroll. Pray that this will go smoothly, that the new students will adjust easily to campus life and that the Spirit of the Lord will be evident in every encounter students have with administration, faculty and staff.

Van Norman Clinic
The dedication of the first unit of the Van Norman Clinic is scheduled for February 27th. Pray that all will be complete for the installation of the furnishings and medical equipment and that capable staff will be found to assist the doctors.

Kibuye Hope Hospital
A major engineering study is being planned to determine the basic infrastructure needs for the long term development of Kibuye Hope Hospital. Pray that the right persons will be chosen for this team and that God will guide their work.

Our Supporters
Hope Africa University has been built by prayer.  We often ask our supporters to pray for urgent matters underway at the university.  It has occurred to us that, in this large family of supporters of Hope Africa University, there may be special prayer requests that we could pray for.  If so, please let us know and we will pray.  The requests will be kept confidential unless you direct otherwise.