Mt. Hope Extention Campus

Hope Africa University is growing, and part of its vision is to become a multi-campus institution serving all of Burundi.  One of HAU’s newest satellite campuses sits near the city of Gitega, a town about eighty kilometers from the main HAU campus in Bujumbura.  Because of its milder weather and more central location, Gitega is expected to become an increasingly important city, as Burundi develops, and indeed it has recently been declared the capital of Burundi and the parliament has moved its headquarters there. New highway infrastructure, housing and business enterprises are quickly developing in the area, and HAU’s new campus will benefit from and serve this growth.


The new satellite campus is called Mt. Hope. One classroom buildings has been constructed on the site, and plans are underway for additional classroom space and student residence facilities. The Mt. Hope campus reflects the eagerness of students across Burundi to pursue higher education, and over   200 students have enrolled in the programs offered at the site.


Mt. Hope is expected to become the center for the newly approved program in agriculture and the open farm land available on the campus will become some of the university’s first extension learning sites.  A long-range site development process has begun to assist in the growth of this new space. Sister Connection, a Free Methodist Women’s Ministry serving widows in the area, is adjacent to the campus and offers opportunity for collaboration and service.  For more information about the School of Agriculture, see "Nutritional Wellness Programs."