“Mission: to mobilize in North America prayer, educational and financial support for Hope Africa University.”

Friends of Hope Africa University, Inc. is the North America organization pledged to support the development of Hope Africa University through prayer, finance and communication about the school and its ministry. Friends of HAU is a 501(c)(3) charity affiliated with the Free Methodist Church – USA operating as an independent mission society. The organization was formed in 2000 as a loosely organized group of individuals who recognized the relevance of a school like Hope Africa University and agreed to work to raise the funds needed for its beginning. Early on, guidance was given in planning and academic development but very quickly the school became completely self-directed. In 2005 Friends of HAU was incorporated and in 2006 received its charity rating by the US Department of the Treasury. Friends of Hope Africa University was approved by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2012, and will be listed in USAID’s Registry of Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs).

Friends of HAU works closely with the university administration and governing board to raise funds for scholarships and capital development of the school. Following priorities set by the university, we collect new and used equipment and text books and ship them to HAU in Burundi. As the ministries of the school have expanded from purely academic training to include operation of a radio station and a clinic and hospital the scope of support of the Friends of HAU has grown. In response to these programs we serve as the coordinating agency for adjunct faculty and medical staff from North America to volunteer their services to the university for terms from a few weeks to several months. Friends of HAU supports fully the mission of HAU while respecting the university’s rights in setting direction and priorities.

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